10 Commandments for Investing

Cramer's Ten Commandments of Trading

Commandment 1: Keep It a Trade

In this special look at Jim Cramer's latest book, he lays out a brutal, but effective, rule. More


Commandment 2: First Loss Is Best

Why you should leave a trade that doesn't work immediately. More


Commandment 3: Take Your Losses

Cramer clears up a common, and costly, trading misconception. More


Commandment 4: Trading Gains, Not Investment Losses

Cramer describes a slippery slope for traders and how to avoid it. More


Commandment 5: Tips Are for Waiters

Cramer points out why tips are best left on the table. More


Commandment 6: No Sale? No Profit

Cramer lays out why you have to take gains, especially now. More


Commandment 7: Control Your Losses

Cramer shows an easy way to improve your returns. More


Commandment 8: Don't Fear That You'll Miss Anything

Cramer points out a reason to control this impulse. More


Commandment 9: Don't Trade Off Only the Headlines

Cramer points out the reason to resist the knee-jerk reaction. More


Commandment 10: Don't Trade Flow

Cramer warns that the tape reveals sucker plays, not good trades. More