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Do you thrive on helping people? Do you find it rewarding to use your financial experience to assist others in reaching their goals? Let’s talk.

The field of financial services has an array of roles that could be a great fit. In fact, you may already be working in financial services and are looking for ways to advance in your career.

Nowhere are people skills more valued than at Fidelity Investments, one of the largest and most respected financial services firms in the world.

“Fidelity is such a great place to work because of the immense trust and integrity that we bring to the table,” said a Regional Head at Fidelity Investments.

At its core, the financial services sector is all about helping others achieve their goals - from setting aside money for a big vacation to saving up for retirement. Having strong people skills is a major asset in successful financial planning as you must know your clients well in order to help them reach their financial aspirations.

Helping people meet life’s challenges

Fidelity’s Regional Centers, located in states across the country, offer a variety of career opportunities for financial services professionals with their Series 7 license.

If you are looking for that next step up in financial services and you’d enjoy speaking with potential clients, Workplace Planning Associate could be a great fit. As part of the Workplace Planning and Advice outbound call team, you’ll travel to the offices and homes of active and inactive 401(k) plan participants while walking them through a detailed overview of Fidelity’s offerings.

By contrast, helping remote clients stay on top of industry trends is a key part of what an Investment Solutions Representative does. As an ISR, you’ll be responsible for keeping on top of the latest developments in domestic and foreign financial markets and tracking key economic indicators and market trends. You’ll draw on this expertise as you contact clients and cultivate relationships, helping them define their needs, and educating them about the investment concepts, strategies and financial products and services available through Fidelity.

“We don’t determine what success is for [the clients],” a Senior Vice President explained. “Our ability to reach inside their heads and hearts and understand what matters to them helps us create a roadmap for success.”

A team player with a sense of integrity

For experienced professionals in the financial services sector, Fidelity’s respected reputation in the industry precedes itself.

“Fidelity has a reputation for integrity and honesty that stands out in a highly competitive field. It is noticeable right off the bat for new employees from other firms in the field,” a Senior Vice President recalled. “Trust and integrity are among the highest things that correlate with Fidelity’s name. They see it almost immediately in how our customers relate to us.”

While the work environment at Fidelity can be competitive, it is the “right type of competition,” explained a General Manager.

“It’s competition to do more for our customers and compete in the marketplace, not compete against each other,” he noted. “That differentiates our culture from that of other companies.”

Fidelity also offers a range of training and career advancement opportunities. Fidelity encourages their employees to explore career paths, connect with others to form mentor relationships, and grow professionally by building a development plan. Fidelity employees also have access to online courses and relevant business books on a wide range of topics such as leadership, technology, and management.

One Regional Center worker noted her general manager started off years ago answering phones and talking with customers. The Regional Centers are “the hub of Fidelity,” she stated. “This is where opportunity begins.”

Opportunity Calls

For licensed professionals who thrive helping people with reach their goals, Fidelity could be a perfect fit.

There are many opportunities at Fidelity in which you can put your skills and personality to work in ways that can be highly meaningful, even life changing, for clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk.