Chipotle's New Food Scare Is Among Burrito Joint's 3 Biggest Failures Ever
Chipotle employee.

Apparently, consumers are still at risk of contracting a food-borne illness from eating burritos at Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG - Get Report) .

On Tuesday, July 18, Chipotle closed a restaurant in Sterling, VA., after eight reports were made to indicating that about 13 customers fell sick after eating there from July 14 to July 15. Business Insider first reported the latest scare.

Then on Thursday, it was reported that more than 130 people got ill from the Virginia restaurant. 

TheStreet takes a quick look back at Chipotle's biggest fails. To be sure, the burrito joint has garnered its fair share of negative headlines through the years. 

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Chipotle Tried to Sell Asian Food
Chipotle Tried to Sell Asian Food
Chipotle's former Asian concept ShopHouse.

Chipotle opened its first ShopHouse in 2011, offering an upscale take on Asian-themed food that included rice bowls and sandwiches. From the first restaurant in Washington, D.C., ShopHouse expanded to 14 other locations, including Los Angeles.

But, last year Chipotle decided to toss in the towel on the restaurant concept. 

"After operating in three diverse markets, we have determined ShopHouse hasn't demonstrated an attractive unit economic model," said Chipotle founder and co-CEO Steve Ells to analysts in October 2016.

Chipotle Once Had a Woefully Inadequate Board
Chipotle Once Had a Woefully Inadequate Board
Chipotle founder and CEO Steve Ells.

Chipotle came under attack last year for a sub-standard board of directors.

As of late October 2016, Chipotle's board boasted excessively long director tenures (a median tenure of 17 years) and low demographic diversity (all-white and overwhelmingly male). The entrenched board, which included two CEOs (founder Steve Ells and long-time friend Monty Moran), was viewed as lacking proper checks and balances over Ells and Moran in areas such as compensation and operational execution. 

The company has since overhauled its board amid suggestions from activist and major shareholder Bill Ackman

Chipotle Serves Up E.Coli
Chipotle Serves Up E.Coli
Chipotle food.

Chipotle's now infamous E.Coli outbreak surfaced in October 2015. It went onto impact 60 diners across 14 states.

The company hasn't been the same since, dealing with weak restaurant traffic and being forced to offer more promotions to drum up business. Investors haven't been the same, either: Chipotle shares have plunged about 45% over the past two years. 

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