Apple's Story Is Inspiring, DJ Khaled Tells Jim Cramer
DJ Khaled.

On Thursday, TheStreet's founder Jim Cramer, who also manages the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio, sat down with DJ Khaled on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" at the New York Stock Exchange.

Khaled shared some great wisdom and insights with Cramer, breaking down social media, positive messages and what he's doing with the community.

Here are the top moments.

Get Schooled
Get Schooled

In October, Khaled was named the national spokesperson for Get Schooled, a program developed for helping young people graduate school and get moving in the right direction.

"You seem like a person who wants to create happiness," Cramer told Khaled. He was pretty spot on.

"It's just exciting" to motivate and inspire the young people, Khaled responded. "I believe in having joy and happiness and love. It's special [to recognize it] because sometimes we take it for granted."

Whether it's volunteering time, becoming the school principal for a day or buying instruments for a school, he wants to have a positive impact on the youth.

"In life, we can accomplish anything we want to. I just want to inspire all the young world," he said.


Of course, music plays a big role in DJ Khaled's success. To that effect, his 10th album, Grateful, will drop on June 23. But what does he think about the streaming music battle between Pandora (P) , Apple Music (AAPL - Get Report) , Spotify and others?

It just shows that there's demand and excitement for music. That's very good for the music industry and for its artists, he reasoned. It seems to be like a breath of fresh air for the industry, the artist said.

Khaled said he's blessed to have done so much work with Apple Music. He acknowledged he's a big Apple product fan, but it goes deeper than mixing music and having a great user interface. "The [company's] story is inspiring," he said, "I always look at the story."

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DJ Khaled doesn't put all of his money in one spot. While he wouldn't divulge all of his investments or ideas, he did open up a little bit. One area he continues to like? Real estate.

"Instead of buying more watches and more cars, I'm buying more property, more houses," he explained.

Owning property is sort of like having a bank. The owner has money tied up in the house in the form of equity and can tap into that if they need funds. If a rainy day comes along, they can sell the property or if it's carrying a profit, the buyer can unload it and make money as well, he said.

Cramer asked about stocks like Facebook (FB - Get Report) or Snap (SNAP - Get Report) . DJ Khaled said he'll get there with the stocks -- but he had a deeper take on social media.

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Social Media Wants You
Social Media Wants You

"I use my platform to put out love and good energy," he said. When you put out good energy, you receive good energy back. Put out bad energy? Be prepared to receive bad energy back.

So which is his favorite platform -- Facebook, Twitter (TWTR - Get Report) , or Instagram? DJ Khaled said he's good at Snapchat, likes Facebook's Instagram but sees a use for all of the platforms. It can be very valuable, if you know how to use them all.

Is there a secret to social media success? Yes, according to Khaled, and it's simple advice. "Be yourself. That's the key. Being authentic always wins," he said, "when people see someone that's real, they love it."

Social media is special because there's no more middleman. If you have a message that needs to get out or needs to reach a group of people, it can be done in a matter of minutes.

Keep It Positive
Keep It Positive

A huge focus for Khaled has been positivity. But "thank God for the block button," Khaled said. When asked if he does indeed block people, Khaled said he has to. It's too negative sometimes and you can't let those dark clouds into your life, he reasoned.

When posting on social media, though, "make sure it's a good message, because that's what we have to show the young world, good messages," Khaled explained. "Some people are using social media for negativity, and it's disgusting."

Khaled is constantly giving back to the young community and looking to inspire those around him. But attitude and outlook play a huge role in life. "The more blessings you give, the more blessings you get back," he reasoned.


This article is commentary by an independent contributor. At the time of publication, the author held TK positions in the stocks mentioned.