Converting the Non-Believers
<b>Converting the Non-Believers</b>

Until recently, I was only peripherally aware of Twitter, convinced that it was just more information about people’s inane goings on than I ever needed. I discovered that my assumption was not altogether incorrect, but if you can bear to sift through the inconsequential stuff, you can find lot of great information. The good news is that we’ve done the sifting for you. Here, we look at the 14 feeds with the best tips and deals for parents. We've included some Twitter superstars (connected to magazines or very popular blogs), and a few independent and smaller ones whose content is just as good as the big boys’. Photo Credit:

Daily Parent Tip
<b>Daily Parent Tip</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 88,000Bio: The most popular parenting tweets, tips and links each day! If you're only going to follow one Twitter account, then make it Daily Parent Tip. The feed collects the best parenting tips all in one place. Visit the blog Follow @DailyParentTip

Mr. A
<b>Mr. A</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 5,250Bio: Changing the kid at a time...starting with my own! Kevin Adkisson, also known as “Mr. A”, broadcasts tips on education. Everything you need to know about parent-teacher conferences, coaching, college applications, bullying in school, and more. Visit the blog Follow @MrAsWorld

Melissa McMommy
<b>Melissa McMommy</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 1,500Bio: Raising happy, healthy kids ... Parenting ideas and resources for busy moms and moms-to-be. Melissa M., aka “Melissa McMommy,” tweets creative parenting tips, and pays particular attention to parents with troubled kids. She's also a good resource if you’re interested in the policy side of education. Visit the blog Follow @MelissaMcMommy

Marjie Knudsen
<b>Marjie Knudsen</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 11,100Bio:  Writer, Author, Parent, Child Advocate. Positive Psychology info for parents, children and teens. Social media, Communication, Kindness and Compassion. Follow Marjie Knudsen for updates that focus on positive thinking, relationship building, self care and emotional learning, for kids and adults. She runs a blog with books to help children feel confident and to help with issues like social anxiety, school worries, and separation anxiety. If you have a shy child, you will find help here. Visit the blog Follow @MarjieKnudsen

The Mother Co.
<b>The Mother Co.</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 1,500Bio: A company for moms, by moms, redefining screen time. The Mother Company tweets about nutrition, the social and emotional needs of kids, how to deal with parental anger, and more. You will also find occasional giveaways on this one, so start following now and save! Visit the blog Follow @TheMotherCompany

Talking Teenage
<b>Talking Teenage</b>

Twitter feed Followers: 3,150Bio: Welcome to Talking Teenage! Our goal--to translate teen language to help parents understand what their teens are really saying. Talking teenage is a resource for all of those parents dealing with a moody teenager at home. You can be sure your teen isn’t following this one, so the tips are yours to test. Visit the blog Follow @TalkingTeenage

Dr. Gary Brannigan
<b>Dr. Gary Brannigan</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 1,150Bio: Clinical & School Psychologist specializing in parenting issues and learning, reading & other disabilities. Coauthor of READING DISABILITIES: BEATING THE ODDS. Parents facing the special challenges of kids with special needs will be happy to have a few new tools in their tool belts thanks to Dr. Gary’s suggestions. Visit the blog Follow @GaryBrannigan

Kid’s Best Life
<b>Kid’s Best Life</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 3,550  Bio: The Missing Secret to Parenting: Mom, grandmom, author. Parenting the way NATURE intended it to be...Parents raising empowered kids to create their best life! Denny Hagel runs this Twitter stream focused on successful parenting – encouraging positive thinking, self-esteem, connectedness, and other approaches to interacting with your children. Visit the blog Follow @kidsbestlife

Moms Who Blog
<b>Moms Who Blog</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 2,500Bio: A magazine of mothers active in social media. Moms Who blog is a great resource both for your mind and your wallet. You will find family and kid activities, tips on nutrition, plus occasional giveaways and freebies. Visit the blog Follow @momswhoblog

Parenting Squad
<b>Parenting Squad</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 1,350 Bio: Forget the village. Parents need a special forces squad! We offer tips and news for parents and their families. The Parenting Squad is a good resource for new and expecting mothers. The updates on this Twitter account focus on pregnancy, birth, newborn and maternal health, plus there are even occasional deals and giveaways to be had. Visit the blog Follow @parentingsquad

Twitter feedFollowers: 84,500Bio:  Home of parenting and babytalk magazines. The Twitter account run by the well-known informs followers about trends and techniques in the world of parenting strategy. Visit the website Follow @parenting

The Father Factor
<b>The Father Factor</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 750 Bio: National Fatherhood Initiative The National Fatherhood Initiative runs this Twitter feed specifically for fathers. As such, updates center on fatherhood, division of labor in the home, being a role model, and other issues that fathers face are typically touched on. Visit the blog Follow @thefatherfactor

Mr. Wejr
<b>Mr. Wejr</b>

Twitter feedFollowers: 1,150 Bio: K-6 elem school principal, learner, co-owner of dance studio, sports fan. Passionate about positive change, ed reform & human motivation. Chris Wejr runs this Twitter account that focuses on helping kids excel, specifically with an education slant. Visit the blog Follow @mrweijr

Free Range Kids
<b>Free Range Kids</b>

Twitter feedFollowers:  7,050Bio: Generalissimo of Free Range Kids Movement, syndicated columnist, sought-after speaker. Lenore Skenazy is a supermom who Tweets on general parenting topics with a focus on kid safety. Like her blog, her Twitter updates teach frazzled parents how to raise safe, self-reliant kids without going nuts with worry. Visit the blog Follow @FreeRangeKids

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