Where All the Time Goes
<b>Where All the Time Goes</b>

There never seem to be as many hours in a day as you expect. By the time you’ve worked your 9 to 5, commuted home and made dinner, you barely have enough time left to update your Facebook page. So where does all the time go? We’ve collected statistics from studies over the past few years to answer this question. The answers will surprise you, but we hope that knowing where most of your time goes may help you and your company to become more productive. Photo Credit: ..stiina..

Deciding What to Wear
<b>Deciding What to Wear</b>

The average woman spends one year of her life deciding what to wear. It may sound like a joke (or perhaps a study devised by men to make women feel embarrassed), but the numbers are based on a survey of nearly 2,500 women. According to the results, women spend 16 minutes each weekday morning deciding what to wear for work, and 20 minutes on weekend nights finding a slamming outfit for going out. When you add up those minutes over the course an adult woman’s life (in this study, the timeframe was from age 16 to 60), it is nearly one year. If the men reading this are scoffing, you might want to hold your judgment until the next slide. Photo Credit: Ed

Staring At Women
<b>Staring At Women</b>

The jig is up, men. Earlier this year, Kodak polled 3,000 people and found that the average man spends nearly 43 minutes a day staring at women. So between the ages of 18 and 50, a typical man will spend 11 months and 11 days staring at women. (Women, by comparison, spend about as much time sizing up men.) The study also found that the most common place where all this gawking occurs is in the supermarket, followed by pubs and nightclubs. Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon

Daydreaming At Work
<b>Daydreaming At Work</b>

When people aren’t deciding what to wear or staring at what the opposite sex is wearing, they still find ways to waste time at work. According to a survey by Salary.com, workers typically waste 20% of their workday (about two hours) socializing with coworkers and taking breaks. We’ll let you decide whether or not this is really a waste or a necessary reprieve. Photo Credit: Digiart2001

Looking for Papers
<b>Looking for Papers</b>

Even when employees are working diligently, they may still be wasting time, largely because of paper. According to one study, executives waste six weeks each year searching for lost documents, and 30% of all employees’ time is spent trying to find lost papers. Photo Credit: blmurch

Pointless Meetings
<b>Pointless Meetings</b>

According to one employee coaching firm, the average office worker spends 52 minutes each work day in “pointless” meetings to which they do not ultimately contribute anything. We’re sure this number probably varies from company to company. One way we’ve found to make meetings go faster is to force everyone to stand up for the time you’re in the room. This way, you won’t be as inclined to dilly dally. Photo Credit: Knight Center of Digital Excellence


The average worker spends 46 minutes a day commuting, round trip. As bad as that may be, it’s nothing compared to some of the worst commutes in the world. Photo Credit: Hamed Saber


Men spend about 36 minutes every day purchasing goods and services, while women spend about 55 minutes a day, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. Much of that time is from traveling to and from stores. However, everyone could cut down their time though by relying less on small change in transactions, as we recently reported. Photo Credit: davitydave

Watching Television
<b>Watching Television</b>

The average American currently spends close to three hours a day watching TV, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. Unless you’re watching the Battlestar Galactica series finale over and over, we don’t really understand what you’re watching for that long anyway. Photo Credit: flash.pro

Looking At Advertisements
<b>Looking At Advertisements</b>

Perhaps more surprising than the amount of time we spend watching TV is how much time we spend looking at advertisements. The average American wastes 61 minutes a day watching TV ads and other promotions. Sadly, that’s probably more time than most of us spend in the gym each day. Photo Credit: tee.kay

Social Networks
<b>Social Networks</b>

According to a recent Nielsen study, Facebook users spent a total of 13.9 billion minutes on the site in April of this year (an increase of 700% from the previous year), and MySpace users spent a total of 4.9 billion minutes on the site. Meanwhile, users spend just 1% of their time on LinkedIn, a site that might actually be productive for them. Photo Credit: Jacob Botter


One recent study found that women over 19 spend more than two hours a week crying, which adds up to 16 months in their adult life. Men, obviously, never cry, although we wish Chuck Norris did. We hear his tears actually cure cancer. Photo Credit: Megyarsh