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Monday, April 9

Critical Decisions You (or Someone You Care About) Will Face When Turning 65

If you (or someone you care for) is turning 65 soon, there are many decisions to be made, from Social Security and Medicare to healthcare and working in retirement. This is where you should start: a complete list.

Really Want to Enjoy Your Retirement? Don't Outlive Your Assets

From Retirement Daily Guest Contributor Andrew Rafal: Death, taxes, and... longevity? It may seem strange to lump together the idea of living a long life with death and taxes but make no mistake: Life expectancies are increasing, and you need to plan properly so your retirement resources last as long as you do.

New Investments and Products for Retirement

Highlights this week include: alternative (smarter) weightings in the REIT asset class world, an ETF that uses artificial intelligence to assist when selecting international developed-market equities, and an ETF investing in companies involved in technology used by electric and self-driving cars.

Tuesday, April 10

Pros and Cons of Fixed-Index Annuities Over Bonds

Roger Ibbotson, chairman and chief investment officer of Zebra Capital Management, tells Robert Powell about his latest research which suggests, among other things, that uncapped fixed-index annuities help control equity market risk, mitigate longevity risk, and have the potential to outperform bonds in the near future.

New Retirement Research

This week's installment of the latest in retirement research includes, from the U.S. Census Bureau, 2017 National Population Projections Datasets and Older People Projected to Outnumber Children for First Time in U.S. History; and from the Rand Corporation's Labor and Population Program, Impact of Divorce on Retirement Security and The Safety Nest: A Model of Family Coresidence. Plus much more.

Wednesday, April 11

Little-Noticed Medicare Cut Will Cause Medigap Premium Sticker Shock

The Senior Citizens League is warning that a little-noticed Medicare cut is likely to hit roughly 10% of beneficiaries with sharply rising Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) premiums.

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Affects Retirement Benefits

Retirement Daily Guest Contributor Natalie Choate details how tax reform has impacted retirement benefits, especially Roth conversions, along with the deadline for some plan loan distributions and an indirect boost to qualified charitable distributions.

Most Interesting U.S. Cities to Retire In

John Brady, president of TopRetirements.com, which has a large database of retirement communities in the U.S., developed this list of the most interesting places to retire by consulting major publications including Countryliving.com, Readers Digest, AARP, and the Culturetrip.com. Excluding large cities, Top Retirements broke it down into eight regions, with a winner for each region and several runners-up.

Thursday, April 12

Keep Working: Changes to Keep Employment Productive, Meaningful, and Rewarding

New research looks at how employers and employees need to adapt to fight ageism and make working later in life profitable for everyone.

Worried About Rates and Bond Risks? Here Are Income Options

If you're concerned about an inverted yield curve, seek to strike a balance when investing in fixed income. Diversify your income sources and understand your risks, says this financial adviser.

Life Insurance Could Be the Asset You Didn't Know You Had

Have you ever heard of the life settlements market? Retirement Daily Guest Contributor Robin Roberts describes the pros and cons, and the financial benefits, of selling your life insurance policy.

Retirement Savers Are Optimistic, Despite Recent Market Volatility

In addition to asking about how optimistic people are about their retirement prospects, this poll asked non-retired investors how much thought they have given to seven different aspects of retirement. At the top of the list: Non-retired investors are most likely to have thought about how they will spend their leisure time in retirement -- 53% have thought "a lot" or "a fair amount" about this. But only 34% said they have given a lot, or a fair amount, of thought to taxes.

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