The Best Places to Retire

These places offer culture, walkability, good healthcare, and more
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One of the nice things about retirement is the freedom it brings. You have the time to do the things you enjoy, when you want and where you want.

This is why so many people look for the best place to live in retirement -- a place that offers the lifestyle they want with the affordability to do it. John Brady’s is a blog with community-sourced reviews of hundreds of retirement communities and discussions of what makes a good place to retire. Brady’s latest list offers 10 of the best places to retire in three major retirement regions of the U.S.: the West, the Southwest, and the Southeast, and includes one beach town in the northeast.

Criteria for this list include how interesting it is to live there, recreation and culture, climate, taxes, economic situation, location, transportation, walkability, healthcare, and to a minor extent, cost of living. Popularity on the site is another factor. From, here are 10 of the best cities and towns to retire, followed by many more cities that are among the most popular. Click on the gallery below to see them all.