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Best College Towns to Retire

Retirees and college students have a lot in common. College towns can be the best places to retire.
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OK, so you didn't get into Princeton. Big deal. But if you're thinking about where to retire, you can go to Princeton now.

That's because Princeton, N.J. is high on the list of great college towns to retire in.

John Brady of notes that most boomers have fond memories of their college days, and when they're considering where to retire, many college towns make an excellent choice.

Such cities are usually alive with sports, activities, entertainment, and cultural and educational opportunities. And, Brady adds, because college students usually don't have a lot of money to spend, the relative value of these places makes them a good option for retirees on a limited income, too.

Brady says, "Most people find the youthful atmosphere stimulating, particularly compared to living only with only older people. Many colleges provide excellent and low-cost classes and programs for residents, too."

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Pros of retiring in a college town include stable housing prices, educational, sporting and entertainment opportunities, easy access to quality health and community services, and walkability, among others.

On the downside, retirees who are looking for work may have to compete with many thousands of students for part-time jobs. If you aren't living in a "adult community" where residents are 55 and older, you might want to avoid housing areas and complexes where many students live, along with their noisier and potentially late-night lifestyle.

Based on TopRetirements surveys of retirement communities, active adult communities and places to retire around the U.S., here are some of the best college towns to retire to.

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