Here are some new investments and products that those saving for or living in retirement might consider for their portfolios.

BlackRock's iShares has brought to Cboe Global Markets the iShares Inflation Hedged Corporate Bond ETF. (LQDI) The fund seeks to mitigate the inflation risk of a portfolio composed of U.S. dollar-denominated, investment-grade corporate bonds. The fund holds shares of the iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond fund (LQD) and positions in inflation swaps. The fund is actively managed to a rules-based strategy that seeks to mitigate inflation risk. The fund can be used to manage inflation risk while seeking income from investment grade bonds.

At least one expert expressed concern over using this fund. "Is this fund supposed to produce a constant real rate of return?' asked Zvi Bodie, professor emeritus at Boston University and co-author of Risk Less and Prosper. "It clearly is not equivalent to a zero-coupon stripped TIPS or I bond or guaranteed annuity with a COLA. It has substantial credit risk and other risks spelled out in the prospectus."

Schroders has brought to market a fund that takes advantage of the opening of China's financial system to foreigners. The Schroders ISF China A-Share fund uses the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect to buy Chinese A-shares. (SmartBrief/Investment Week)

Amplify Investments has filed with the SEC for ETFs investing in companies involved in advanced battery technology and healthcare. The Amplify Advanced Battery Metals and Materials ETF and the Amplify Medical Opportunities ETF would be actively managed and would trade on NYSE Arca. (SmartBrief/ETF)

VanEck has filed with the SEC for an ETF focused on stocks that pay high dividends. The VanEck Vectors Morningstar High Dividend ETF would select stocks from the Morningstar US Market Index. (SmartBrief/ETF)

ProShares has brought to NYSE Arca an ETF that buys only investment-grade bonds issued by companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 index. The ProShares S&P 500 Bond ETF (SPXB) is designed to replicate the performance of the S&P 500/MarketAxess Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index. (SmartBrief/ETF Trends)

Reality Shares has filed for SEC approval of an ETF that invests in Chinese companies developing or using blockchain technology. The Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy China ETF would buy Chinese A-shares and H-shares, as well as American depositary receipts. (SmartBrief/ETF)

ProShares has filed with the SEC for an ETF buying the shares of retailers that sell their products online or through other nontraditional channels. The ProShares Online Retail ETF would buy shares trading only on US exchanges. (SmartBrief/ETF)

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