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The following are new investments that those saving for or living in retirement might consider for their portfolios. This week: A new ETF with exposure to the cannabis industry, and a product from Acquirers Funds that follows a 130/30 long/short strategy.

The AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF(YOLO) is a new actively-managed ETF that provides exposure to the burgeoning cannabis industry, says Marc Zabicki, president and chief investment officer of Bower Hill Capital Management.

"While the ETF may offer broader exposure to this business segment, we believe the high level of speculation currently evident in the industry should make this niche ETF off-limits for all but the most aggressive investor," he says. "And those that do invest should keep the holding at a small/modest weight relative to other portfolio holdings. In our view, this ETF should be left for speculators, rather than those seeking to perhaps manage down portfolio volatility as they approach or move through their retirement years."

Acquirers Funds, a recently launched investment adviser, introduced its first fund, the Acquirers Fund, (ZIG) which follows a 130/30 long/short strategy. The fund seeks to track an internally created index, the Acquirer's Index, which is designed to invest in the 30 most undervalued, fundamentally strong U.S. large- and mid-cap stocks, while shorting the 30 most overvalued, fundamentally weak stocks from the same stock universe.

A sub-adviser, Exponential ETFs, is charged with implementing the strategy, which is built upon a valuation metric that was developed by Tobias Carlisle, Acquirer Funds' founder and author of several related books.