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Where we plan to live in retirement is a big decision. Many of us plan to just stay where we are, others have visions of a dream retirement home, and some folks would like to be closer to family, or plan for a house that's convenient to live in as they age. But the financial factors are very important and complex, as well.

This week, guest contributor Doug Gross runs all the numbers related to housing -- purchase price, maintenance, taxes and more -- that can affect your retirement finances. For some folks, downsizing is the right decision. For others, moving up is possible. Here's what you need to know to make smart housing decisions as you near, or are living in, retirement. Read: How Home-Buying Decisions Affect Your Retirement

And in a related story, Robert Powell writes that more older Americans are carrying significant amounts of debt into retirement. Even with low interest rates, is that wise? Read: Is It Wise to Retire With a Significant Amount of Debt?

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