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Among the best stories from Retirement Daily for Oct. 15 - 19: Tax Reform 2.0, getting a great deal on a new car, and the financial benefits of selling your life insurance policy.

The House of Representatives approved a few weeks ago something called Tax Reform 2.0, a collection of three bills designed to build on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), last year's landmark legislation that produced $1.5 trillion in tax cuts. The bills face a tough road ahead in the Senate: ultimately, some of the changes proposed in Tax Reform 2.0 that are specific to retirement could become law, or it's possible that the bills making individual tax cuts permanent and impacting other business tax issues could just go nowhere.

Prior to lawmakers voting last month, Retirement Daily Editor Robert Powell sat down with Jeffrey Levine, president and founder of Blueprint Wealth Alliance and director of adviser education at, to get his thoughts on the proposed legislation as it impacts those of us saving for and living in retirement.

Read more in What You Need to Know About Tax Reform 2.0

"Looking for ways to provide income and smooth out the volatility is a conversation I have with clients all the time," writes adviser Mark Bordelove in his guest column this week, Pros and Cons of Closed-End Funds. In one such discussion, he writes, he spoke with a client who is nearing retirement about using closed-end funds as a part of his portfolio. Bordelove examines risk and taxation issues, and says "there are possible advantages to closed-end funds. There is access to specialized asset classes such as junk bonds or bank loans. Also, closed-ends trade intraday and can provide more liquidity than open-ended mutual funds, which price at the end of the day."

Read more from Bordelove about closed-end funds, and about diversifying your portfolio, looking for ways to enhance yield and decrease equity exposure, and using other securities.

And in case you missed them, here are some more great stories this week from Retirement Daily:

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Chock-full of the latest in the world of retirement-related news: Maximizing your retirement savings for 2019, annuities, and retirement legislation in Congress.

10 Tips to Help You Get the Best Deal on a New Car

If you're in the market for a new car, now may just be the time. The end of the year is usually when you'll find the lowest prices on both new and previously owned cars. Beginning now, dealers are making room for the newest or next year's models, which means discounts and incentives to clear out existing inventory. Deals usually run into the new year. Before signing on that dotted line make sure you do your homework. Spending a little time doing research can save you big bucks at the dealership. Jeanette Pavini shares tips on finding, negotiating and financing a good deal on a new car.

Income Investing: Many Choices and Potential Pitfalls

Adviser Jim Ferrare says there is a wide spectrum of risk and return opportunities in the conservative fixed-income asset category that should be analyzed and properly understood before putting capital at risk.

New Investments and Products for Retirement (Oct. 16 2018)

The following are new investments that those saving for or living in retirement might consider for their portfolios. This week: Alternatives to traditional factor investing and a fund that aims to track the Cambria Trinity Index.

Life Insurance Could Be the Asset You Didn't Know You Had

Consider the financial benefits of selling your life insurance policy.

New Retirement Research (Oct. 15 2018)

Here are some of the latest reports, surveys, and studies related to retirement, including research into investing overconfidence, victims of investment fraud, and what we've learned from financial crises.