Weekly Roundup Nov. 16 2018

Anne Stanley

Among the best stories from Retirement Daily for Nov. 12 - 16: Tax planning strategies, driver-safety courses to cut your insurance premiums, and how military service boosts Social Security benefits for veterans.

It's that time of year. The hustle and bustle, the planning, making a list and checking it twice, all the red and green... no, we're not talking about the holiday season, we're talking about tax season. This is prime time for making moves to reduce your 2018 tax bill. It's especially important because of the changes to the tax law late last year. You need to check the new standard deductions and look at your charitable contributions. You might need to revise W-4s before the end of the year to more closely match remaining withholding for 2018 to expected tax obligations. Read more from Robert Powell, and find lots of tax-related info and resources, in It's the Season for Tax Planning.

And there's more to taxes this week in Retirement Daily.

Get 3 Tax Benefits by Making 1 Charitable Gift

Adviser Greg Hammond says making an IRA charitable rollover can provide you with three great tax benefits even if you don't itemize deductions. An IRA charitable rollover, sometimes referred to as a Qualified Charitable Distribution or QCD, will reduce your federal taxable income, can increase your ability to claim deductions or tax credits, and can reduce your state taxable income. Making an IRA charitable rollover can provide you with all three tax benefits even if you do not itemize deductions on your tax return, Hammond writes.

Driver Safety Classes Can Save You Money - And Your Life

Jeanette Pavini writes in her consumer column this week that ass we get older, it's smart to keep up with new driving technology, new rules of the road and to keep our skills sharp. And we can get a discount on insurance.

Briefing: Latest Retirement News

The latest in the world of retirement-related news: What to do with retirement accounts after changing jobs, retiring with debt, and 11 island destinations to fit a retirement budget.

New Investments and Products for Retirement

The following are new investments that those saving for or living in retirement might consider for their portfolios. This week: An ETF that focuses on companies believed to share sustainable competitive advantages.

Ask Bob: Social Security Benefits Boosted by Military Service

A veteran wants to know how to be sure military service are reflected in accrued Social Security benefits.

Ask Bob: Social Security and Working Part-Time

A reader wants to know about how earned income affects Social Security benefits.

New Retirement Research

Here are some of the latest reports, surveys, and studies related to retirement, including research into Medicare premiums for 2019, 401(k) balances and osteoporosis. 


Weekly Roundup