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Among the best stories from Retirement Daily for March 16 - 20: Strategies for market free-falls, using bonds and annuities to manage risk.

This week, we have several great guest columns explaining how to use bond duration and annuities to protect your retirement savings and strengthen your portfolio. But first, from a more immediate standpoint, we'd like to point out this great column on TheStreet, Four Strategies for Stock-Market Freefalls: Robert Powell talks to some of the best financial advisers in the U.S. about what investors should do amid this stock-market carnage.

And, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours well during these stressful times. For coronavirus information, we urge to you to use the Covid-19 consumer website from the Centers for Disease Control, only at; and for the latest investing news and markets data, stick with

Here's some of the best from Retirement Daily:

Use Bond Duration to Build a Risk Management Strategy

Adviser Massi De Santis lays out the process of using bond duration to manage risks and meet your financial goals.

Thoughtful Uses of Annuities in Retirement

Adviser Ashok S. Ramji says it's possible to use annuities in retirement to grow and protect your assets and to generate predictable income as well.

Ask Bob: RMDs and Life Expectancy Tables

A reader asks about required minimum distributions and the IRS distribution tables.

Ask Bob: Social Security's Windfall Elimination Provision

A reader asks how Social Security benefits are affected by having contributed for less than 30 years.

How Much Are you Worth?

Adviser Keith Whitcomb explains how understanding your financial worth enables you to move from evaluating history to planning for the future.

Ask Bob: Social Security Benefits and Common-Law Marriage

Social Security considers some common-law marriages valid if they are recognized under state law.

Keep an Eye on Your Parents' Retirement Savings

Adviser Sandra Adams says a significant long-term care event can have a huge impact on the lives of adult children if their parents have not planned ahead.