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This Week in Crypto

Peter Gantner, Deborah Caswell, and Dawn Clifton of TruBadger discuss efforts to increase the diversity of the cryptocurrency customer base and workforce.

Reduce the Risk of Dementia and Diminished Capacity on Your Retirement Plan

Memory loss is scary, and the impact on a financial plan can be disastrous. An aging plan can help you prepare for the worst.

Goals-based Investing: Who is It For?

Tony Davidow, CIMA, author of Goals-based Investing, discusses who would benefit from reading his book.

6 Reasons Why Your Teen Needs a Roth IRA

While most view a Roth IRA as an account to be opened later in life, Jane Mepham argues that the best time to start saving is when teens are beginning to make their first buck.

Social Security Spousal Benefit or Survivor Benefit? Consider the Differences

When someone dies, it's important to understand the differences between spousal benefits and survivor benefits. In the Social Security system, there is almost no similarity between survivor benefits and spousal benefits. 

Business Owners: 10 Strategies to Create, Manage and Distribute Wealth

Business owners with a healthy financial life have been intentional about achieving that success. Adviser Rob Ziliak shares strategies to begin that journey.

How to Assess Your Retirement Readiness

Dana Anspach of Sensible Money describes a cash-flow-based projection model with a defined set of assumptions to administer three specific retirement readiness tests.

Caught Between A Long-Term Care Policy and A Hard Place

You planned ahead and purchased a long-term care policy several years ago. Is it still the right solution for you? Adviser Michael Lynch quantifies the pros and cons of keeping your policy in place.

Ask Bob

How Do I Keep My Retirement Contributions from Reducing My Social Security Benefit?

A reader wants to know if contributions to a teacher's retirement system will reduce her Social Security benefit and how to avoid that impact.

Can I get Social Security disability after I reach full retirement age?

A reader reached his full retirement age without starting Social Security then became disabled. Can he still receive Social Security disability?

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Longevity and Healthcare Planning

With almost 378,000 people expected to live to be over 100 by 2050, it might be time to start thinking about the longevity of life.