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Recently, a subscriber wrote into our Ask Bob forum here at Retirement Daily, asking a question which is on the mind of many people who are getting ready to retire: What should you do with your 401(k) in the face of this market volatility, especially if you're only a few years away from retiring?

And, people who are already living in retirement are also thinking about volatility in the equity and fixed-income markets.

In Part 1 of his answer, published July 18, Bob Powell wrote about the importance of having a retirement income plan, and how to create it: "It's critical that you first craft (either on your own or better yet with the help of a financial adviser) a retirement-income plan. Those who have such a such a plan don't worry about market declines. And those who don't have a plan, worry," he wrote.

Bob not only offers his strategies, but he has also rounded up the suggestions and advice of some of the best financial advisers in the country.

In Part 2, published Monday (Ask Bob: I'm Still Worried About My 401(k) in this Market), Bob brings in the contributions of more advisers, to help readers get a full picture of their whole financial situation, goals, resources - and their best options.

And in case you missed them, here are some more highlights from Retirement Daily this week.

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New Investments and Products for Retirement (July 24 2018)

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