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Retirement Research: How Do Households Adjust Their Earnings, Saving, and Consumption After Children Leave?

Whether parents adjust their consumption after their children leave home has important implications for our understanding of retirement income adequacy.

529 Plans for Elementary and High School Private Education

There are several financially sound ways to save for your child’s private education. Adviser John Weber explains the 529 plan.

5 Ways Business Owners Can Estimate Expenses in Retirement

Estimating expenses as you plan for retirement can be tricky. Here are five ways you can help yourself accurately track yours.

Financial Planning when Health Issues and Bad Habits Collide

Bad habits and health issues make for a sticky situation later in life.

4 Steps to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Diversification is a big deal with many ways to accomplish it. Financial adviser Hannah Szarszewski shares four tips to get the most value from your portfolio.

Encouraging Your Parents to Plan

It's not uncommon for parents to have simply fallen into retirement. Now that you're helping them, it worries you that they never really planned. What should you do?

65-Year-old Couples Need Anywhere From $182,000 to $361,000 to Pay for Health Care Expenses in Retirement: EBRI

A 65-year-old couple with median prescription drug expenses who want a 50% chance of having enough to cover health care expenses in retirement needs $182,000 in savings. Couples who want a 90% chance of having enough need $296,000 in savings.

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Claiming Social Security Benefits Under Deceased Spouse or Current Spouse

A widow would like to know what's the best strategy for claiming spousal benefits, now that she's remarried.

Can Social Security Deny Spousal Benefits?

Can Social Security deny spousal benefits? Financial adviser Nick Defenthaler explains how one rule might interfere with receiving benefits.

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Ask the Hammer: What are the New RMD Tables for 2022?

Jeffrey Levine of Buckingham Wealth Partners explains what the new life expectancy tables for required minimum distributions mean for IRA account owners.