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2022 RMDs - Updated Life Expectancy Tables

The IRS expects you to live a little longer as of January 1st. And even better, it could result in a smaller tax bill.

5 Steps to a Strong Financial Foundation in the New Year

Getting your financial house in order with a carefully laid out game plan and proper execution, can lead to wealth, prosperity, and a sense of peace.

Congressional Effort to Eliminate Alternative Investments from IRAs Wouldn’t Make Sense

The current version of the hotly debated Build Back Better bill has removed sections that would harm hundreds of thousands of investors and adversely impact the economy.

What an Increasing Number of 5-Star Medicare Advantage Plans Means for Beneficiaries

There's an increasing number of 5-star Medicare Advantage plans. But it's not wise to pick a plan based solely on the number of stars it has, according to Jae Oh, author of Maximize Your Medicare.

Answer these 7 Questions to Protect Your Heirs and Estate

The day will come when all of us will pass, and what happens then will either be something of our choosing or a consequence of us not making a choice.

Disability Insurance for High-Income Earners

Your income may be your biggest financial asset - here's how to protect it.

Gen Zers Say Saving Money Is a Priority But Less Than 50% Have Any Savings

Parents affect how their teens save money but a new addition to the Step app can help teens improve their saving habits.

3 Tips to Help You Stick with Your Financial New Year's Resolutions

CJ Miller of Sensible Money explains easy ways to save more money, spend less money, and pay down debt in 2022.

Managing Risks, Gifting, and Legacy Planning

Transitioning wealth to the next generation requires a strategy.

Can You Own Crypto in Your IRA?

Cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, cannot be contributed to an Individual Retirement Account. However, it appears that an IRA may acquire cryptocurrency by purchase.

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Ask Bob: Does it Make Sense to Delay Social Security When You're at the Maximum Benefit?

If you've reached full retirement age, and the maximum Social Security benefit, does it make sense to delay starting benefits to age 70? Financial adviser Wendy Marsden walks our reader through the pros and cons.

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Ask the Hammer: How Can I Calculate What My Wife's Spousal Social Security Benefit Will Be if I Claim at Full Retirement Age?

Jeffrey Levine of Buckingham Wealth Group helps a Retirement Daily reader calculate what his wife's spousal Social Security benefit will be if he claims at full retirement age.

Ask the Hammer: Should I Use 1031 Exchange to Sell One Rental Property for Another?

Jeffrey Levine of Buckingham Wealth Group helps a Retirement Daily reader determine whether to use a 1031 exchange to sell one rental property for another.