Among the best stories from Retirement Daily for Jan. 14 - 18: Unclog your cash flow, get paid for your opinions, and learn how your Social Security benefits are calculated.

They may not seem like much, those little auto-renewing subscriptions and annual and monthly fees. There's your Netflix charge, and the Amazon Prime membership, the donation to a charitable organization, or your National Geographic (or Retirement Daily) subscription. Even that 99 cents for some cloud storage space and a few more bucks for your gym membership. But they all add up.

On the one hand, those smaller, frequent charges can be helpful for managing cash flow on a fixed income. But when you forget about them, or don't need them or don't use them anymore, they can really choke your cash flow and your spending power.

In our Tip of the Week, Start the Year Building Your Cash Flow and Spending Power, financial adviser Don Grant tells Bob Powell how he helps his clients review (or build) their budget and get a handle on subscriptions, auto-renew expenses and even their insurance. It's a cleaning process, he says, and "almost every time I do these reviews... we find something that we can cancel, thus increasing cash flow."

Start by reviewing your monthly budget, then comb through your credit card statements and checking accounts for those recurring charges. And review your insurance, too. Don't hold onto a policy you don't need.

And in case you missed them, here are some of this week's best stories from Retirement Daily.

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Adviser Jim Blankenship explains in detail how Social Security benefits are calculated and reviews ways you can maximize your benefits.

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Companies aren't forced to match workers' 401(k) contributions, but they should because it's a great investment, says adviser Dennis Markway.

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Adviser Leon LaBrecque reviews how delaying retirement past age 62 can increase income three ways.

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A reader feels that any Social Security cost-of-living increase is offset by bigger Medicare premiums.

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Successful financial advisers from around the nation tell Robert Powell how they get their clients to think about retiring, financially fit, to a life of independence and purpose.

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