Among the best stories from Retirement Daily for Jan. 28 - Feb. 1: What you need to know about Medicare, and how to develop a digital perspective that will strengthen your job security and opportunities.

Medicare is a valuable source of health insurance for people 65 and older and for some younger adults with permanent disabilities, adviser Mark Reid writes this week in a guest column. "Transitioning from health insurance to Medicare involves critical choices that everyone must face." In the column, Everything You Need to Know About Medicare, Reid says that whether you are new to Medicare for yourself or someone you love, or you just need to review your plans each year, here's a complete, step-by-step approach to help you determine which plan is the best fit for your financial situation.

While we're on the topic, Bob Powell's Tip of the Week is about the new Medicare Advantage enrollment period, and he writes, starting in 2019, there are other important changes to Medicare that affect enrollment, Medicare Advantage Plans, and prescription drug coverage.

Read more in Tip of the Week: New Medicare Advantage Enrollment Period

And in case you missed them, here are some more of this week's best stories from Retirement Daily.

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New Retirement Research (Jan. 28, 2019)

Here are some of the latest reports, surveys, and studies related to retirement, including research into Medicare Advantage plans, and age discrimination and work-related job risks.

Make 2019 the Year You Simplify Your Financial Life

Jeanette Pavini has a few suggestions on what you can do to spend less time working on your finances and more time doing things you enjoy.