Among the best stories from Retirement Daily for Aug. 20 - 24: Asset location and tax strategies, investments that are both liquid and safe, and savings hundreds of dollars with coupons and loyalty programs.

This week, in Ask Bob: The Right Assets for Taxable Accounts, Dana Anspach, founder and CEO of Sensible Money and author of Control Your Retirement Destiny, talks about the concept of "asset location," which is the process of strategically deciding which asset belongs in which type of account to make the overall outcome more tax-efficient.

And in other investment news, Aaron Skloff, the CEO at Skloff Financial Group, says investors need to remember the importance of balancing a competitively priced strategy with sufficient cost advantage. Read more in Investing for Retirement: Diversifying Fixed-Income

And in case you missed them, here are some more great stories this week from Retirement Daily:

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This week in the world of retirement-related news: Millennials and their retirement savings, and how a mix of stocks and annuities impacts your retirement portfolio.

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Consumer expert Jeanette Pavini says you don't need to be an extreme couponer -- or risk your privacy to save big on everything you buy. Here are her top tips.

How to Have the 'Money Talk' Within Families

Financial adviser Dan Andrews offers techniques and resources on how to discuss money with your multigenerational family.

New Investments and Products for Retirement (Aug. 21 2018)

The following are new investments that those saving and or living in retirement might consider for their portfolios. We've included commentary from advisers about the investments, as well.

Ask Bob: Looking for Investments That are Safe and Liquid

A reader is looking for investment options that are better than a 1.5% money market rate, but are still liquid -- and safe.

New Retirement Research (Aug. 20 2018)

Here are some of the latest reports, surveys, and studies related to retirement, including research on the effectiveness of financial planners, Wikipedia searches and stock returns, and even the 1918 influenza pandemic.