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Ah, the Bucket Plan. No, we're not talking about that list of must-dos before you die, or that Rob Reiner movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. But a Bucket Plan may be exactly what you need to get all those great things on your wish list accomplished... things like having a secure retirement, peace of mind, or just knowing that you'll be able to live in retirement on your terms.

The "bucket approach," as Morningstar calls it, to retirement-portfolio management, pioneered by financial-planning guru Harold Evensky, aims to meet your income needs during retirement, effectively helping retirees create a paycheck from their investment assets.

In a Retirement Daily Guest Contributor column this week, Christian Cordoba, president and founder of California Retirement Advisors, explains the bucket plan and how to build and use it.

Constructed carefully, a bucket plan can help reduce sequence-of-returns risk, such as when retirees encounter a bear market at the beginning of retirement, Cordoba writes. "A bucket plan may help you keep from spending too much, depleting your assets, or spending too little, depriving you of a rewarding retirement. In addition, bucket plans can help you execute a tax-efficient portfolio draw-down strategy, in which you decide what, where and when assets are tapped for retirement income."

Why Your Bucket List Should Include a Bucket Plan

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