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Medicare Beneficiaries Should Watch for Their Plan’s ANOC

Curious about changes to your medicare? Keep an eye out for your Annual Notice of Change.

Three Financial Lessons to Take Away from the Pandemic

What did we learn in the pandemic that can help make us smarter with our money?

Five Early Retirement Health Insurance Options Before Medicare

In the years before becoming eligible for Medicare, what are some ways to purchase health insurance?

​​Should You Change Your Financial Plan Because of Short-term Changes in Inflation and Monetary Policy?

While the Fed and inflation can make headlines, financial adviser Massi De Santis says it’s not obvious that you should be changing your long-term financial plan and your investments as a result of short-term changes in inflation and monetary policy, assuming you have a robust plan.

Four Reasons Why You Shouldn't Invest in Target-date Funds

What are target-date funds and why might you avoid them? Advisor Joey Acquanita explains the four reasons why you shouldn't invest in target-date funds.

5 Cybersecurity Best Practices Investors Should Embrace in 2021

Good cybersecurity practices help protect both your privacy and your money.

Tax-onomics of Selling a Home in Retirement

Thinking about selling your home when you retire? Make sure to know if you'll owe taxes on the sale.

Early Retirement— Why You May Want to Wait Before Rolling Over Your 401(k)

You're retiring early, so it's time to roll over your 401(k), right? Not so fast.

Ask The Hammer

Ask The Hammer: Should I Do a Cash-Out Refi Mortgage to Pay Off Student Loans?

A reader has a simple question– should they do a cash-out refi mortgage to pay off student loans? Jeffery Levine, chief planning officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, answers.

Ask Bob

Ask Bob: Will my Medicare premiums be refunded when I die?

With Social Security benefits paid in arrears but Medicare premiums paid in advance, a reader is confused about what his beneficiaries will receive at his death. Medicare expert Dr. Katy Votava explains.

Ask Bob: What's the best age for a married couple to start their Social Security benefits?

Friends were talking about their retirement plans and the question was raised of when a married couple should start their Social Security benefits in order to maximize income while they're living and when one partner dies. Social Security expert David Cechanowicz explains the details of making this decision.