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Weekly Roundup 9/13-9/18

All of your favorite news from this week.

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The Three Key Decisions to Make About Your 401(k)

With life expectancy increasing, retirees need to have a plan for what they will do and need for their late retirement.

Is the Hospital Transparency Rule Effective?

The Hospital Transparency Rule was put into effect to help consumers navigate healthcare costs with more knowledge, but is that the actual effect?

3 Ways to Teach Young Kids About Money

Amy Shepard of Sensible Money explains three ways to teach young children about money.

Is Rental Property a Good Investment?

The market currently seems to favor real estate. Beau Kemp of Sensible Money highlights some points one should consider before joining in on the buzz.

Retirement Remix - Chapter 9: Take Your Retirement for a Test Drive

Author Chip Munn continues the discussion of living in retirement in chapter 9 of Retirement Remix and looks at how work can impact those retirement plans.

3 Retirement Accounts For Your Side Hustle

Make more money from your side hustle by investing it in a retirement account.

Five Benefits of Having a Taxable Brokerage Account

Financial adviser Jane Mepham explains the five ways a brokerage account will benefit you.

Challenging Modern Portfolio Theory

Wealth advisers need an expanded set of investment options to meet their client’s goals and objectives, writes Tony Davidow, CIMA, author of Goals-Based Investing.

Democrats Push Bill to Lower Medicare Eligibility Age to 60

What ripple effects would lowering the Medicare Eligibility Age create?

Make Aging Planning Part of Your Retirement Planning Process

With life expectancy increasing, retirees need to have a plan for what they will do and need for their late retirement.

Ask the Hammer 

Ask the Hammer: Should I Pay Back My Student Loans During the Moratorium?

Jeffery Levine, chief planning officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, answered a reader question about whether it was reasonable to pay back student loans during the Moratorium

Ask Bob

Ask Bob: How do I estimate my spouse's Social Security benefit?

A reader would like to determine what his wife's benefit will be since she's claiming on his work record. He claimed Social Security early - how does that impact his wife? Adviser Joe Alfonso explains.

Ask Bob: Can health insurance through my spouse's employer replace Medicare Part B?

A reader wants to be sure he won't be penalized when he signs up for Medicare Part B coverage after age 65.