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What Really Happens if Social Security “Disappears?”

With rumors spiraling about whether or not Social Security will still be functional in 2034, Marcia Mantell explains what is actually happening, and what that means for your retirement savings.

Four Reasons Why Long-term Care Should Be Part of Your Comprehensive Financial Plan

Rona Loshak, a founding partner of Karp Loshak Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions Brokerage, discusses in part 1 of a two-part Retirement Daily video series the four reasons to discuss long-term care as part of your comprehensive financial plan.

Converting? Don't Forget Medicare

Advisor Patrick Kuster explains why you need to pay attention to Medicare while converting your IRA.

Avoiding the "Cost of the Problem" in 401(k)

How much does it cost to make the wrong 401(k) mutual fund decisions? Hint: it's more than you think. Here's how to make sure you're making the best choices when it comes to company 401(k) mutual fund menus.

Why You Need a Financial Roadmap and How to Build One

Using a financial road map to track your progress is a great way to stay organized and accomplish your financial goals.

COBRA, Unemployment, and the American Rescue Plan - Retirement Daily on TheStreet: Finance and Retirement Advice, Analysis, and More

The deadline for American Rescue Plan coverage is approaching. Here's how you can stay covered.

Ask Bob

Ask Bob: If I die before my wife, what will her Social Security benefit be?

A reader asks how Social Security benefits change when one spouse dies.

Ask Bob: Does my spouse qualify for Social Security spousal benefits if he's already receiving his benefits?

A reader is wondering if her husband can claim spousal benefits when she retires, since she was the higher earner. She's also wondering about the best way to open an IRA. Adviser Bob Kargenian answers both questions.

Ask Bob: Does my age impact my Social Security spousal benefit amount?

A reader is trying to plan for retirement following her husband's death and is wondering if she needs to wait for her full retirement age before claiming.