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Weekly Roundup 8/21-8/27

All your favorite news from the week ending in 8/27

In Case you Missed it…

The Great Pension Heist

Pensions and fixed annuities at first glance seem like the safe option for retirement income, but with inflation, how secure are they really?

How to Add ESG to Your Retirement Portfolio

ESG criteria are the future of sustainable and socially conscious investment. Here's how to best include ESG investments in retirement portfolios and how to evaluate them.

​​How to Leverage Rental Income for Retirement Savings

Investors are seeking ways to augment their retirement savings that don’t rely on the stock market — and are finding a fit with rental portfolios in self-directed IRAs.

Evaluating the Four Major Long-term Care Planning Solutions in the Marketplace

Rona Loshak, a founding partner of Karp Loshak Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions Brokerage, discusses in part two of a two-part Retirement Daily video series the four major insurance solutions for long-term care planning.

Understanding Income Annuities and Their Benefits for You

What type of income annuity will increase your financial stability?

How to Make the Most of Company Stock in Your 401(k)

If you happen to own company stock in your 401(k) there’s a little-known strategy that could help you reduce your tax bill when taking a lump-sum distribution from your company’s qualified retirement plan.

5 Key Financial Metrics When Evaluating a HECM Reverse Mortgage

Five financial metrics that can be used to analyze the pros and cons of unlocking home equity.

The Future of Wealth Management

The wealth management industry will transform over the next decade, and advisors will need to evolve their practices to meet clients’ goals, according to Tony Davidow, CIMA, author of Goals-based Investing.

Impact of FAFSA Changes for Divorced and Separated Parents

How will the FAFSA Simplification Act affect you and the potential financial aid for your children?

Ask The Hammer

Ask the Hammer: What should you do if you inherit an annuity?

Jeffery Levine, chief planning officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, answered a reader's questions about an annuity they and their siblings inherited.

Ask the Hammer: How Should I Use Money I Inherited?

Jeffery Levine, chief planning officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, answered a reader question about how they should use the money they recently inherited.

Ask Bob

Ask Bob: How far in advance of my full retirement age can I apply for Social Security?

A reader wants to know how far in advance of full retirement age she can apply for Social Security, and will waiting until age 70 provide her and her husband the highest benefit amount.

Ask Bob: Why does Social Security limit my tax withholding options?

A reader would like more flexibility in what he has withheld from his Social Security benefits.

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