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Does Planning End at Retirement?

What kind of financial plans do you need to make after you retire?

The Cost of Putting a Ring on It

A proposal is an important step in a relationship, so what steps should you take to find the perfect ring?

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Retirement Remix - Chapter 7: The Six Steps to Your Remix

In this chapter of the Retirement Remix, author Chip Munn takes you through designing a retirement "career" that's unique to you.

Ask The Hammer

Ask the Hammer: How can you receive spousal benefits in a common-law marriage?

Jeffery Levine, chief planning officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, answered a reader question about how their mother could receive spousal benefits after their partner in a common-law marriage died.

Ask Bob

Ask Bob: If I was born in 1960, will my Social Security benefits be reduced?

A reader and his wife are concerned that turning 60 in 2020 will create an automatic reduction in their Social Security benefits. Social Security expert, Marcia Mantell, explains the facts.

Ask Bob: If I remarry, will I lose my Social Security benefits?

A reader receiving Social Security benefits as a widow is worried she'll lose those benefits if she remarries.