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Weekly Roundup 11/15-11/20

All of your favorite news from the week

In Case You Missed It

The Opposite of F.I.R.E.: Personal Finance for Those Who Enjoy Their Career

Save a little now or a lot later? The key to retiring on your schedule is aligning your finances to support your values.

The Problem with Kids’ Allowances (And What to Do Instead)

Why "earning opportunities" might be the best way to set your child up for financial success.

Five Steps to Take when Illness Interrupts Your Retirement Planning

A new diagnosis can be scary. Here are some tips to help better plan your finances amidst the diagnosis.

Time is Running Out: RMDs and QDCs, Explained

Here are some frequently asked questions about the mechanics of this unique part of the Tax Code.

Lessons from Pandemic Retirees

Advisor Dylan Huang explains three pieces of advice for those who retired during the pandemic.

2022 Medicare Part B Premiums Announced

The recently announced 2022 Medicare Part B premiums have the largest increase since 2016. What does this mean for your expected monthly Social Security benefits?

Ask Bob

Ask Bob: How Do I Boost My Social Security Benefit?

If you continue to work, your low earning years are replaced with your high earning years. And higher earnings increase your Social Security benefit amount.

Ask Bob: Do I Qualify For a TSP Hardship Withdrawal?

To qualify for a hardship withdrawal, a thrift savings plan participant must have an immediate and significant financial need that necessitates a distribution from his or her TSP account. 

Ask the Hammer

Ask the Hammer: What are the 2021 Charitable Deductions for Non-Itemizers?

Jeffrey Levine, chief planning officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, answered a reader's question about this year's charitable deductions for non-itemizers.

Learning Center

The Wealth Management Process - Capital Markets and Asset Allocation Decisions

In this Retirement Daily Learning Center webinar, Joe DiSalvo, co-author of Income for Life, discusses the wealth management process, capital markets, and asset allocation decisions.