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Federal Student Loan Relief Ends January 31, 2022 – Do You Have a Plan?

6 key steps you can take to make the transition back into paying your student loans a seamless one.

Sustainable Investing: Taking the Lead on Education and Implementation

One of the biggest trends across the financial services industry has been the growth of sustainable investing, in both the number of products and the asset growth over the past couple of years.

Preparing for the Uncertain Future of the Social Security Program

What was in this year's Social Security Trustees report and how will it affect the future of the program?

Student Loan Debt More Likely to Hit Black Students Harder

Student loans disproportionately affect Black students, so what can they do before and after college to limit the debt?

How Proposed Tax Changes May Impact Wealthy Americans

Tax changes for wealthy Americans are coming as early as 2022. Here are the expected impacts.

Retirement Remix: Chapter 11 - Debt Management

In chapter 11 of Retirement Remix, author Chip Munn explains how you can plan for and manage debt.

Get to Know Medicare to Make an Empowered Plan Choice

Tips and resources to help you navigate the Medicare annual enrollment process and select a plan to meet your needs.

Key Changes to IRAs Under the SECURE Act

Two years into the SECURE Act becoming law, what do you need to know?

Ask Bob

Ask Bob: How Will Current High Earnings Impact My Social Security Benefit?

A reader wonders if filing for Social Security the year their earnings hit the Social Security maximum will affect what benefits they receive. Elaine Floyd of Horsesmouth answers.

Ask Bob: At What Age Do Earnings Not Impact Social Security Benefits?

A reader has a question about when her husband can retire without impacting his benefits.