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Rethinking the 60/40 Portfolio Model

Balanced portfolios with high returns are straying away from the 60/40 model. Hear from our expert on how investors should plan for the future.

Is the Starter-K the Jumpstart Retirement Plan Coverage Needs?

If Congress were to succeed this time around with the Starter-K provision, over 19 million American workers would gain access to and have the ability to participate in a workplace retirement plan.

Second Marriage – Second Chances

A second marriage means a new financial plan. Read below to see how this couple navigates building one.

My Worst Investment was My Best Investment

Our expert recounts an anecdotal lesson on the stock market.

Secure 2.0 Act in Congress Omnibus Bill 2023

The new SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 is not yet the law of the land but it will dramatically affect those saving for and living in retirement should the legislation be approved by the House and Senate, and signed by President Biden.

4 Reasons to Write Your Will

Still haven’t gotten around to completing this essential life task? These reasons may inspire you to act!

Roadmaps to Retirement: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

A roundtable on key issues of retirement security hosted by The Harkin Institute and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Common Retirement Questions: Should I Be More Conservative With My Portfolio?

Consider the ninth most common retirement question: Should I become more conservative with my investment portfolio as I near retirement?

Recent Changes in Portability of Estate Tax Exemption

How will the recent changes to portability affect you? Read here for planning insights from our expert.

Secure 2.0 Included in $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill

Senate approves $1.7 trillion spending bill, includes a significant retirement package.

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