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Weekly Roundup 9/19-9/25

All your favorite news from the week.

In Case You Missed It

How to Turn Retirement Savings into Retirement Income

An income annuity can convert your savings or a pension-plan lump sum into a lifetime stream of income.

5 Tax-Efficient Wealth Transfer Strategies to Consider Before 2026

Are you concerned about how future tax laws could impact you? Here are five ways to reduce your potential estate tax liability.

ESG Investing in Your 401(k) Retirement Plan: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Reality

How can you invest in your retirement sustainably?

Inheriting your Spouse's IRA, a Cautionary Tale

IRAs are different. They have their own set of complex distribution rules, both during life and after death. Advisers Joseph DiSalvo and Marie Madarasz explain.

Don't Forget About Charitable Tax Credits

How can you make your charitable giving go further? Try taking advantage of charitable tax credits.

​​Taking Advantage of the Mega Backdoor Roth IRA Before it Goes Away

The mega backdoor Roth IRA may be an option to even further increase contributions for future tax-free Roth growth and withdrawals. Do you know how to utilize it?

Ask the Hammer

Ask The Hammer: Do refunded premiums on a canceled life insurance policy create a taxable event?

Jeffery Levine, chief planning officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, answered a reader question about if cancelling a life insurance policy could count as a taxable event.

Ask the Hammer: What Counts as an Over Contribution?

Jeffery Levine, chief planning officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, answered a question about how a reader can prevent an over contribution.

Ask Bob

Ask Bob: When can I collect Social Security spousal benefits on my husband's work record?

A reader is unable to claim Social Security under her own work record and would like to claim under her husband's work record. When can she do that and what would she receive? Adviser Kathleen Campbell provides the answers.