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Among the best stories from Retirement Daily for Oct. 21 - 25: Impact of the proposed SECURE act on stretch IRA strategies, how to keep from outliving your retirement savings, and signing up for Medicare.

Forecasting whether or not the SECURE Act legislation will become law is impossible to say, adviser Ashok Ramji writes this week in a guest column, but if enough of these proposals do go through, our nation will see the most significant changes to the retirement planning landscape since the enactment of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

Since the SECURE Act cleared a significant legislative hurdle with its overwhelming passage out of Congress' lower chamber, Ramji says it's important to focus on this bill's ramifications as they pertain to the stretch distribution strategy for IRAs. Under current law, the "stretch" is available for spouse and non-spouse beneficiaries (like children and grandchildren), as well as for qualifying trusts. If eligible under IRS rules and regulations, the stretch allows beneficiaries to take distributions over their life expectancies after the IRA owner's death.

Read more about how that could change under the proposed Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement, or SECURE, Act, a bipartisan proposal, and what you need to know in The Stretch's Future May Not Be SECURE.

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