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How to Invest in Your Retirement Account

Financial adviser Beau Kemp of Sensible Money offers guidelines to help you invest for retirement no matter your stage of life.

 Medicare Part D Penalties

It can be confusing making payments for Medicare's Part D section if you don't take prescription drugs. Jae Oh, author of "Maximize Your Medicare," explains why this actually makes sense and what can occur if you don't contribute.

 The Proposed Addition of Hearing, Vision, and Dental to Medicare

Could dental, vision, and hearing be added to Medicare? Jae Oh, author of Maximize Your Medicare, explains how.

Financial Alignment for Yourself and Family

Want to start teaching your children about money? Kurt Wunderlich explains some techniques to start the process.

How Annuities Provide Tax-advantaged Investment Returns

How insurance products such as annuities can provide tax-advantaged investment returns. 

Retirement Remix - Chapter 6: Don’t Settle for What You Don’t Want

In chapter 6 of the Retirement Remix, author Chip Munn looks at making the choice to do what makes you happy.

Financial Adviser Center

The Evolution to a Wealth Advisor

The role of advisers has evolved considerably over the past several decades, from stockbroker to financial advisor to investment consultant to wealth adviser, according to Tony Davidow, CIMA, author of "Goals-Based Investing."