Weekly Roundup June 10 - 14, 2019

Anne Stanley

Among the best stories from Retirement Daily for June 10 - 14: How much money you'll need in retirement, planning for healthcare costs and tips for great summer travel deals.

A subscriber writes: "I am getting dozens of answers regarding how much I need to have in retirement to comfortably do so. I have $1.4 million and own my house outright in California. I want to retire in three years, which will be my 63rd birthday. What is a percentage I can be comfortable taking monthly at that time to not exhaust my principal before death?"

Answer: To answer your question, we sought the advice of two financial planners. Here's what they had to say:

Jim Koch, president of Koch Capital Management: First off, you need to determine your outflows, your expenses, during retirement, says Koch. "You need to determine what your household wants to spend in retirement and determine its feasibility," he says. Koch goes on to detail ways to determine your risk tolerance, and understand safe, sustainable withdrawal rate numbers.

Brian Gawthrop, a certified financial planner with Robinswood Financial: The short answer is: "It depends." And, no matter what withdrawal rate you choose he recommends "monitoring closely and frequently with a skilled adviser." Gawthrop add that the long answer is this: The general rule of thumb many advisers use is that you can take out 3% to 5% per year and not erode the principal. But, he says, "This rule of thumb is based on some underlying assumptions, though, and we all know what assumptions might do to you and me if you aren't aware of them," he says.

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