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If you haven't done so already, take a moment to sign up for a my Social Security account. As some know, the Social Security Administration no longer mails you a Social Security statement.

The Social Security statement, among other things, provides a snapshot estimate of a worker's benefits at full retirement age, age 70, and age 62. In addition, the statement provides the following:

-- An estimate of the amount of monthly disability benefit the worker could receive should he/she become disabled;

-- An estimate of the monthly benefit that the worker's family could receive should the worker die;

-- A year-by-year display of the worker's earnings that have been reported to Social Security; and

-- A total of the Social Security taxes paid by the worker and his/her employer over the individual's working career.

The Social Security Statement gives workers an opportunity to review their earnings.

The estimates available on the statement are based on your previous earnings record and assumes the worker will continue to work and earn the same or similar wages until the ages listed in the estimate (62, full retirement age, 70.)

The estimates are in present dollar values.

Here are some links to sample statements:

For younger workers

For people who are mid-career

For those who are near retirement

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