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Many retired Americans have decided to go back to work, especially during and after quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision was made based on numerous financial and personal reasons that people aged 50 and older are experiencing. With that, there is a lot that people need to think about and plan for. For example, it’s important that they maintain a work-life balance, which could be made possible by part-time jobs or full-time jobs that allow a lot of flexibility. Another flexible option is for retirees to be their own boss and start a business based on their experience and hobbies.

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Retirement Daily is doing a three-part series on the pros and cons of working post retirement. The three parts include: Maintaining a Work-Life Balance, The Types of Jobs for Retirees, and Starting a Business. We’ve gathered the statistics and advice from many of our experts for each of the three stories. As part of this series, we would also like to hear your stories! Whether you've started working part-time at the grocery store, volunteering in your community, or created your own business after leaving the workforce, we are interested in learning all about your experience.

If you are interested, then please fill out this form and answer as many questions as you can or want to. We may collect identifying information such as your name and location, but we promise we won’t use this information without your permission. We may also contact you to hear more.

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