Here's the latest in the world of retirement-related news: Retiring to a Holiday Inn, cash-flow analysis and retirement lessons from former professional athletes.

This guy came up with a unique retirement plan. If maid service and complimentary breakfasts and happy hours are your thing, then you might want to factor the Holiday Inn into your retirement plan. A Texas man figures he is saving more than $100 a day by staying at a Holiday Inn instead of a nursing home. Plus, he gets the see the world and enjoy free shampoo!

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One calculation reveals retirement preparedness: Cash flow analysis is one way to do a single calculation and determine whether a client will have enough funds for retirement. Ken Moraif runs through the math.

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How to gauge your financial progress to retirement: These four metrics can take guesswork out of finances and determine whether you are on track for a comfortable retirement.

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How to adjust to late-career job loss, retirement uncertainty: Those who find themselves forced into retirement in their 50s and 60s may need to learn to "live low to the ground," author Elizabeth White writes. While this may mean significantly cutting expenses, she recommends prioritizing what really matters and finding ways to make cuts elsewhere.

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Retirement lessons from former professional athletes: Lessons on how to prepare for retirement can be found in the experiences of NFL players, many of whom are either bankrupt or financially stressed within two years of retiring, as well as other professional athletes. These athletes will tell you to live below your means and avoid planning on future income.

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How to head off retirement stress: Unexpected expenses can crimp retirement, especially when savings are short to begin with. To anticipate and avoid the pinch, Maurie Backman recommends three steps focusing on realistic expense estimates and the proper role of Social Security.

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Where Social Security provides the largest share of retirement income: A study of 100 cities with a large population of people 65 or older shows where retirees rely on Social Security income most and least. Fort Wayne, Ind., where retirees get 53.8% of income from Social Security, tops the list.


Three questions every retirement saver should be able to answer: The burden of building a financially secure retirement rests entirely on the shoulders of each individual, Christy Bieber writes. She poses three questions all retirement savers should be able to answer to determine whether they are on track.

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How to build a retirement budget: Creating a budget can ease retirees' concerns about running out of money. Here is a step-by-step guide to developing a budget, starting with gathering financial records.

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How taxes will affect your retirement income: Federal and state taxes are likely to eat into your retirement income, but some of it may not be subject to taxation. Here's a primer on taxes for retirees, including rules for Social Security benefits, pensions and retirement accounts.

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How fees can eat away at a retirement nest egg: Research shows that a 1% increase in fees can result in a nearly 30% lower retirement account balance after 35 years. "If you save a respectable $10,000 per year into your retirement, you'd have to work an extra five years to make up for the loss caused by that 1% fee difference," notes financial author Bob Sullivan.