Here's the latest in the world of retirement-related news: Annuities, retirement plans for small business owners, and converting your retirement savings into an income stream.

The downsides of early retirement: Studies have shown health issues and cognitive decline may intensify once a person enters retirement, writes Richard Johnson, retirement policy program director at the Urban Institute. He notes that many people take part in unhealthy behaviors and can become socially isolated after leaving the workforce.

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How to manage clients' high expectations for retirement: Clients planning their retirement can have big dreams. Learning those dreams might not come true can make clients resentful. But you can prepare them for any scenario with a little forethought.

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GenXers may face retirement trouble: Nearly half of Generation Xers said they haven't saved any money in retirement accounts, and 48% of those who did have saved less than $50,000, according to a survey by INSIDER and Morning Consult. One in 10 Gen Xers say they do not expect to ever retire.

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Finding the right retirement planning solution: Small-business owners without employees may find that SEP-IRAs and Solo 401(k)s are appealing retirement planning vehicles. Chris Carosa describes some of the differences between the plans and discusses timing issues.


Study: Annuities increase retirement income, reduce stress: Incorporating an income annuity into a retirement portfolio increases income, cuts retirement stress and boosts retirees' confidence, according to a study by researchers Michael Finke and Wade Pfau from The American College. Income annuities lower the risk of outliving savings in retirement without lowering overall income, compared with an investment-only approach, the study found.

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Report: Rate of retirement-age workers has doubled since 1985: The participation rate of retirement-aged employees has reached 20%, twice as high as the number recorded in 1985, according to a United Income report. This is the highest in 57 years, says the report.


Answers to the 3 most pressing retirement queries: Experts offer their answers to the top three of the 10 most frequently asked retirement questions revealed by Google. They touch on how much is needed for retirement, timing and early retirement.

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5 ways to ensure adequate retirement income: Ways to ensure having enough money for retirement include planning for extra health costs, adjusting finances due to longer expected life spans and considering the effects of inflation. People also should ensure their investments are positioned for growth and that they do not withdraw too much money too soon.


How to transform retirement savings into an income stream: Entering retirement means you have to adjust from saving money to drawing down assets. Here are four strategies for success.

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