By Danielle Howard

Now is time to experience true wealth through the joy of giving. It is a time to take the perspective of sufficiency instead of deficiency.

We can shelter in place, technology at our fingertips, and have food delivered. As we don an attitude of gratitude, we can also share with moxie and momentum.

What we do now can usher in happier, fulfilled and changed families, communities, and world. We have the opportunity to co-create what is next.

Danielle Howard, CFP®

Danielle Howard, CFP

Everyone has a vital part to play in creating solutions, and non-profit organizations are critical partners. They need your continued, generous support.

As you look at how to best share your financial resources, there are creative, strategic ways to do so.

  • If you have not filed your taxes yet (you now have an extension until July 15th, 2020) consider ReFUND.
  • Consider taking your RMD (required minimum distribution) in 2020 and using it for a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).
  • Write a check or transfer funds from your donor-advised fund.

This pandemic has become the great equalizer. It impacts every man, women and child, regardless of color, creed, political affiliation, or economic standing. We can help create a new and better world. Giving generously to causes and organizations as well as your neighbors is no longer a luxury of abundance but an expression of sufficiency.

Talk with your financial advisor to determine the best, tax-efficient, productive way to give.

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