GorillaTrades' Berman: Choppy summer

Robert Powell, CFP®

Here's a recap of what you'll hear on the July 24 MoneyLife with Chuck Jaffe podcast:

Ken Berman of Gorilla Trades says he'd stick with companies with strong balance sheets, a big domestic presence and a business focus online to ride through a sawtooth, back-and-forth summer, a fall correction and then a rally that brings the Standard and Poor's 500 to at least the 3,500 level he was forecasting when he last visited the show in February, before the coronavirus pandemic.

Also on the show, John Mosseau of Cumberland Advisors discusses the value of sticking with traditional fixed-income allocations in the lower-for-longer rate environment, and says that he expects an economic recovery even if there is no vaccine for Covid-19,

Gregg Bell of A3 Financial Investments discusses alternative credit investments like reverse mortgages and private equity and how they are particularly well-suited for the closed-end, interval fund structure, and Bob Auer, manager of the Auer Growth Fund, discusses why he believes in his methodology and process despite a low Morningstar rating, and then puts his methods to work talking growth stocks in the Market Call.

And here's a recap of the July 23 MoneyLife with Chuck Jaffe podcast:
Joseph Brusuelas, chief economist at RCM, says the risks of a sub-par recovery are rising as uncertainty over the outcome of the coronavirus pandemic drags on, and while he still believes that there will be a swoosh-shaped 'elongated and frustratingly slow recovery,' he says even that can't happen until the market knows how the pandemic will be resolved.

In the Market Call, Barry James of the James Advantage Funds says investors need to be looking at securities in different time periods -- BC and AD, for 'before coronavirus' and 'after disease' -- and notes that the pandemic has injected a little more subjectivity into stock research right now.

Also, Chuck answers a question from the audience, and Tom Lydon of ETFTrends.com makes a new fund based on a market niche that is in the news the 'ETF of the Week.'

Listen to the podcasts: https://moneylifeshow.libsyn.com/


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