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Robert Powell, CFP®
Robert Powell, CFP®


So, he raises some interesting points. But the claim that "401(k) Plans No Longer Make Much Sense for Savers" seems a bit severe. Two items worth noting. 1) I believe those who are in a high tax bracket now and will be in a lower tax bracket benefit in retirement benefit from saving in a 401(k). 2) With respect to fees, many funds in a 401(k) plan have lower expense ratios than retail funds. That said, there is a need, from my perspective, to have money in a mix of accounts (Roth, taxable, and tax-deferred). So, for some, the traditional 401(k) might not be the best option (though a Roth 401(k) might be). Maybe I should do a video interview with Mr. Brown. One last thought. I have a good deal of respect for the firm he was associated with, AQR. They've done good work over the years. What are your thoughts?

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