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Retirement Daily Learning Center - Holistic Planning and Why It’s Important

In the second webinar in her Life Planning series, Jeannette Bajalia, the president and founder of Woman's Worth, defines holistic planning as a roadmap to your life plan.

In her first webinar on Life Planning, Jeannette Bajalia, the president and founder of Woman's Worth, presented a compelling message for integrated planning. 

In the second webinar of the series, she defines holistic planning as a roadmap to your life plan. 

Often we hear about life planning, financial planning, and retirement planning, but Bajalia offers a different twist in this webinar. She begins talking about creating a life plan to help you prioritize what’s important to you to ensure you have a clear path to get from Point A to Point B with predictability. She shares her thoughts on the major financial impacts to the quality of life in retirement due to longevity and presents the argument that you need to plan for at least four life stages because each stage offers different needs, opportunities, and potential complications. 

Bajalia shares this in the context of longevity planning because longevity requires a fundamental shift from the science of “financial planning” to “holistic life planning.”

You won’t want to miss any of her messages around holistic life stage planning because financial strategies, tools, and solutions used in your life plan for each life stage require constant monitoring and evaluation to ensure the “right fit” given your unique life circumstances or any curveballs that may come your way. With aging comes different needs in the four components of life planning, which she articulates, simply and clearly. 

Stay tuned for subsequent videos that will discuss topics such as: Who needs an estate plan? The difference between tax preparation and tax planning. Longevity and healthcare planning, and income planning.