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Retirement Daily Learning Center - Life Planning: Financial Security in the Midst of Life Suddenlies

In this Retirement Daily Learning Center webinar, Jeannette Bajalia, president & founder of Woman's Worth, shares her insights into preparing for when life throws you curveballs.

So what do you do when life throws you curveballs when you least expect them and your life is disrupted? In this Retirement Daily Learning Center webinar, Jeannette Bajalia, the president and founder of Woman's Worth, shares her insights into this, beginning with sharing the curveballs she experienced and the opportunities that come from such life events. 

This webinar focuses on the retirement risks that could potentially evolve and cause women to plunge into financial crises. 

Additionally, Bajalia talks about the need to internalize the relationship between your health and your wealth because, as she says, “It’s more than the money….It’s about total well-being.”

Bajalia also presents some shocking facts and the issues that result from finance-induced stress that contribute to the need for women to get started with lifestyle protection planning as the preferred financial planning model. 

It all begins with a fiscal and physical assessment around the four attributes of financial security: lifestyle protection planning, longevity planning, estate planning, and tax planning. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the major components and why it’s important to embrace an integrated approach around these four components and not treat them in silos. Integration implies they must work together and as such, she maps out a high-level overview to ensure you begin thinking through your lifestyle protection plan so when you do get a life curveball thrown your way, you have the tools and discipline you need to simply re-direct the plan to accommodate the changes that must take place to recover from the life event. You will feel encouraged, educated, and empowered as you watch and listen to the wisdom she imparts that all evolved from her “life suddenlies.”

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