Sept. 9, 2020 - New York, NY - finStream today launched a dynamic OTT/streaming channel targeted to the specific personal financial needs of different generations and their unique media consumption habits. The channel, which is focused on increasing financial education and literacy, is geared toward the various stages of life and each individual’s unique life circumstances.

In addition, finStream today launched the first episode of its original series, “Your Life, Your Money” a topical format show which will become a regular feature of the channel. Guest panelists will address issues that are relevant to the new normal and about which they are passionate, offering thoughtful insights by these subject matter experts. Bob Powell will co-host this series with Pam Krueger, the Founder of The distinguished guests for the first episode are Michelle Singletary, Personal Finance Columnist for the Washington Post and Author, Maddy Dychtwald, Co-Founder of AgeWave and Author and Dominic Endicott, Venture Capitalist and Partner in 4Gen Partners.

Unlike other media outlets, finStream plans to focus on personal finance topics first, the topics that affect the wallets of American households. finStream will feature the world’s top experts on “everything money”; from designing your personal financial plan, to saving for a house, to funding college tuitions, to planning for retirement and everything in between. Whether you’re Gen Z, a Millennial, a Boomer or part of the Silent generation, finStream offers invaluable and objective actionable guidance that you can start using right away.

Three pillars will further distinguish finStream.

  • Original programming: Launching during the pandemic, the channel will be focused on the new normal and how the myriad challenges we are all facing will impact money matters moving forward.
  • Focus on women and minorities: finStream will have a special emphasis on the needs of women and minorities, two underserved constituencies in financial communications and education. finStream will become a go-to trusted resource for this audience to call home where they will find expert advice in a peer to peer inclusive setting. finStream will simplify complex money matters in an easy-to-use format.
  • Curated content. finStream will also curate and present best in class content from the nation's foremost personal finance experts, including Stan The Annuity Man, Pete the Planner and others.

“finStream is launching during the pandemic by design. Everything is changing from our jobs to our family relationships, our finances and myriad other aspects of our lives. We will address this new normal and provide insightful commentary into how these dynamics will affect us in many ways moving forward” said co-founder Bob Powell, distinguished financial journalist and contributor to The Street, USA Today and other media outlets.

Added Co-founder Tom Adler, President of Charisma Productions, “We are thrilled to be able to provide a one-stop resource for all people to be able to find expert financial advice, customized to their specific needs. In particular, we are excited to offer a platform for enhancing financial literacy for women and minorities, one that will address the issues that directly impact them.”

finStream will encourage viewer participation, creating an engaging environment where people can share their stories with others in the finStream community. This sharing will include the successes and mistakes as well, providing a sense of camaraderie and learning opportunities. This community engagement will develop into a growing and wide-ranging finStream family.

“Your Life, Your Money” and other content will be available on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit, Roku TV and at finStream has retained Studio507 to market the show and the new streaming channel.

“Your Life, Your Money” can be found at

About finStream Inc.

Founded by veterans from the financial services, media and communications industries, finStream is uniquely positioned as your new personal financial resource, targeted to different generations and your specific needs. For more information or to watch the show, please visit