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Ask the Hammer: Where is My Economic Impact Payment?

Jeffrey Levine, director of advanced planning at Buckingham Wealth Partners, discusses in this Retirement Daily video how to track down your stimulus check.

Where is my stimulus check?  

That was the question posed by a Retirement Daily reader to Jeffrey Levine, director of advanced planning at Buckingham Wealth Partners, in this episode of Ask the Hammer.

Jeffrey Levine, CPA/PFS

Jeffrey Levine, CPA/PFS

And the answer is it "really depends on a variety of factors," says Levine.

It's possible you weren't entitled to an economic impact payment.

It's also possible that the IRS is still working through your 2018 and 2019 tax returns. 

It's also possible that it's lost in the mail or that you threw it away because it looked like junk mail

So, the best thing to do is to check the status of your economic impact payment at the's website or by calling 800-240-8100. 

A word to the wise: It could be a long slog since IRS working overtime just to catch up to where it was before the COVID-19 pandemic began, says Levine.  

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