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Ask the Hammer: Where Should I Place Mutual Funds With Capital Gains?

Jeffrey "The Buckinghammer" Levine of Buckingham Wealth Partners answers a reader question about the most tax-effective place to keep mutual funds.

In this Ask The Hammer, a reader wonders:

“Is it better to hold mutual funds that distribute capital gains in a tax-deferred account or a taxable account?”

Jeffrey "The Buckinghammer" Levine of Buckingham Wealth Partners, met with Robert Powell, editor of Retirement Daily, to answer this question.

Jeffrey and Bob discuss the concept of asset location (different from asset allocation): where taxable dollars, tax-deferred dollars, and tax-free dollars reside. 

Jeffrey breaks down how the efficiency of assets determines what accounts they should be placed in for tax-strategy purposes. 

Watch the full episode to find out the answer to this reader's question.

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