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Ask the Hammer: What is a Holding Company LLC and Why Does It Exist?

Jeffrey "The Buckinghammer" Levine of Buckingham Wealth Partners answers a Retirement Daily reader's question about holding company LLCs.

In this episode of Ask the Hammer, the Retirement Daily reader's question is:

We have our rental properties that are each owned in an LLC, but our lawyer also registered an additional company for a holding company. What is this holding company and why does it exist? Can we also move our other assets (stocks, bonds, etc.) into this holding company LLC?

Jeffrey "The Buckinghammer" Levine of Buckingham Wealth Partners, met with Retirement Daily editor Robert Powell to answer this question.

In this episode of Ask the Hammer, Levine covers: 

  • Why an advisor (whether it's a financial advisor, lawyer, etc.) would suggest putting properties into an LLC
  • What a holding company is and what it does
  • What types of protection a holding company can offer
  • How a holding company can provide protection specifically between an owner and their assets
  • Whether or not a person should move their assets into a holding company 
  • If it matters if an LLC is a single- or multi-member (and what those terms mean)
  • How taxes interact with holding companies 

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