Ask Bob: Social Security Disability Benefits for Children and Adults

Robert Powell, CFP®

Question: This might be a bit confusing. I became Social Security disabled before 21 years of age and as a result, collect a combination of mine and half of my father's Social Security, $1,000 net after Medicare. I get two deposits. My part of that is about $269 with my father's being the rest. My mother and father are both of retirement age and collect Social Security and my mother also collects under his record so the amount I collect isn't fully 50% as the three of us collecting hit the maximum Social Security allowed to be collected as a family, so my amount is decreased.

I am now 41 and considering marriage, but am still disabled and considering the financial implications and if it financially makes sense. My understanding is I will lose my claim under my father's record if I marry and be left with only the very small amount under my own record. If I marry will I be able to claim under my 45-year-old working spouse as I do now under my father or will I be left with only my amount? Am I able to claim disability under a non-collecting working spouse?

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