Ask Bob: Is It Possible to Roll Two 2020 RMDs Back into an IRA?

Robert Powell, CFP®


I took a 2020 RMD distribution via two cash disbursements from one account in February. The IRS now allows RMDs to be rolled back into the IRA if taken on or after February 1 but before July 15. Can I combine the two cash disbursements and make one rollover back to IRA and avoid the one per year rule?


According to Sarah Brenner, an IRA expert with Ed Slott & 'Co., recent guidance from the IRS is a game-changer for those looking to repay unwanted 2020 RMDs. "Not only does it extend the deadline for doing so until August 31, 2020, it also eliminates the once-per-year IRA rollover rule for these repayments," she says. "This individual can now roll over both IRA distributions."

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